How to Choose the Best Type of Hair Extensions

Jun 08 , 2020

EA Ventures

Virgin hair is considered the very best quality in the line of hair extensions. At Ming Hair, we are suppliers of the finest quality hair extensions and only provide our customers with premium Indian and Brazilian hair. To ensure you receive the best products, it is important to understand why Remy hair is the finest quality and the best hair investment you can make.

What is Virgin Hair Versus Remy hair?

Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed hair that is obtained from natural hair. For it to be considered pure virgin or Remy hair, it must be free from any chemical application and synthetic fibers. Remy hair is obtained from Brazilian and Indian origin owing to the beauty and the purity of the hair. It must not be bleached, permed, treated or have received any type of chemical exposure.

While Remy hair is a form of virgin hair, the difference is in the cuticle. Remy hair is considered the finest quality because the cuticles run in the same direction. It can come from different donors but ultimately is a pure bundle of hair. Remy locks can last up to 6 months with the proper care. It can also be washed, heat styled and handled as you would natural hair. This makes regular treatments such as deep conditioning and important part of maintaining its sleek and shiny appearance.

Why More People Choose Virgin Hair

Virgin hair that is unprocessed and authentically sourced is considered the most impressive in human hair extensions. Both virgin and Remy hair offers a smooth consistency and can be purchased in different textures including straight and sleek, to wavy and curly. While all Ming Hair enhancements consist of manageable and voluminous hair, it is always important to keep your human hair products clean and beautifully styled.

Ming Hair Offers the Highest Quality Human Hair Extensions

If you are looking for a premium quality hair extension then, our exclusive range of gorgeous bundles are simply the best. The cuticles of our tresses are all intact making for a smooth and beautiful flowing hair. It also provides the most natural type of enhancement owing to the maintenance of the cuticles.  Every hair extension is also 100% unprocessed and chemical free. We offer a guarantee on the purchase of our unprocessed Indian Temple and Brazilian hair. Add a natural enhancement to your beauty regime when you choose the long and straight or the short and wavy locks you can only find at Ming Hair.

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